Bookmarks & Magnets
Bookmarks are 2" x 6" and laminated and are $2 each.
Magnets are 2" x 3 1/2" and are $3.50 each.

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please see the special order info at the bottom of this page.

Aviation, Space, and Military

   Bookmarks:   Family   Wisdom 1   Wisdom 2   Aviation 1   Aviation 2   Aviation 3   Rotary Wing
      USMC Museum, Quantico
   Magnets:        Magnet 1
Bulldog (adults & puppies) Bookmarks & Magnets: Bulldog 1

   Bookmarks:   Blue Angels 1
Fighters 1   Fighters 2   Fighters 3   Bombers 1   Bombers 2   Bombers 3 
Trainers, EW, ASW, Rotary Wing, & Cargo 1  T, E, A, R, C 2   T, E, A, R, C 3
Carriers, Ships & Subs 1
   Magnets:        Blue Angels Magnets

   US Army
   Bookmarks:  Rotary Wing   Fixed Wing (post 1947)   Transportation, Armor, Field Artillery

   Bookmarks:  Motor Vessels, Eagle, & Lighthouses 
   Magnets:   Number 1   Number 2   Number 3

   Bookmarks:  Thunderbirds  
                      Fighter 1    Fighter 2     Fighter 3     Fighter 4     Fighter 5     Fighter 6
                     Bomber 1   Bomber 2   Bomber 3   Bomber 4   Bomber 5  
                      Cargo 1   Cargo 2   Cargo 3   Cargo 4  
                      Trainers 1   Trainers 2  
                     Rotary Wing, Obs/Recce, UAV, Air/Sea Rescue, CAP

Gathering Of Mustangs & Legends - Jerry & Kari Morris photos  1  2 
Gathering Of Mustangs & Legends - Michael Rostocil photos  1  2  3  4  5

   Military of other countries
   Bookmarks:  Japan & Italy    Germany WW1   WW2

   Civil Aviation, Airliners, Hot Air Balloons, & Space
Bookmarks:  Space Shuttle  Forest Park 2010 Balloon Glow

Bookmarks: Tulips & Daylillies astd

Animals & Birds

Nautical, Seascapes, Beaches, Lighthouses
Bookmarks:  Tall Ships 1
Magnets:   Tall Ships & Lighthouses 1, 2, 3    Seascapes

Cruise Ships 
Bookmarks: Cunard, Holland America, NCL

Landscapes & Seascapes:
Bookmarks:  by Paul Ziemba  Sunrise & Sunset at Sea 1

Railroads - Standard gauge (Diesel, Electric, Steam) assorted roads
Bookmarks:  Assorted Locomotives  

Railroads - Narrow Gauge
Colorado 3' Gauge Railroads
Bookmarks:  Durango & Silverton 1   Durango & Silverton 2   Durango & Silverton 3  
Cumbres & Toltec    Rio Grande Southern   DRGW 315, Georgetown, SN
Magnets:   Durango & Silverton 1   Durango & Silverton 2   Durango & Silverton 3
Cumbres & Toltec 1   Cumbres & Toltec 2   Cumbres & Toltec 3
Other Colorado 3' roads

Other 3' gauge US Railroads
Bookmarks: East Broad Top   Sumpter Valley   Southern Pacific N.G.   WSLC   White Pass
Magnets:   East Broad Top   Sumpter Valley   Southern Pacific N.G.   WSLC   White Pass  

Maine 2 foot Railroads - Combination of Vintage and modern images
Bookmarks:  B&SR/B&H   SR&RL    Edaville

Maine 2 foot Railroads - Vintage Postcards (may include surrounding towns and landmarks)
Magnets:    Bridgton 1   Bridgton 2   Astd Roads 1   Astd Roads 2   Astd Roads 3

Travel Destinations

++Destinations outside the US++Destinations outside the US++Destinations outside the US++
Australia   Sydney   Whitsunday Islands
England, Ireland, Wales  1  2  3
Paris, France   Eiffel Tower
Puerto Rico
US & British Virgin Islands

+++US Destinations+++US Destinations+++US Destinations+++US Destinations+++
Asheville, NC
Boston, MA
Charleston, SC
Chicago, IL
Colorado Springs, CO
Hilton Head, SC
Kansas City, MO & KS
New York (city & state)   Statue of Liberty
Newport & Providence, RI
Orlando, FL
Pensacola, FL
Portland, ME
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Savannah, GA
St. Louis, MO
Seattle & the Olympic Peninsula, WA
Many National Parks
Washington, DC

Night and Unusual Weather

*********************Special Order Information & FAQ*********************

   1 - For all branches of the Military and Coast Guard (All components, Auxiliaries, & any associations)
           as well as School and fraternal groups contact us for special pricing quantity discounts.

   1a - For those groups in #1, to use an image, you must own the rights to use it or it must be public
            domain and can not be trademarked or copyrighted. Unit insignias, etc. are usually public domain.

   2 - The image must be 2" x 6" and 300 dpi for photographs and scans and transparencies should be
           over 1000 dpi. If you have questions contact us.

   3 - Minimum Quantities are 6 for bookmarks and 8 for magnets. For small quantities the prices are   
        $25 for every 6 bookmarks and $40 for every 8 magnets. This includes shipping to US, APO and
        FPO addresses.

   4 - All special orders require prepayment to accompany the order. it must be in the form of
       Cashiers/Certified Check or money order, OR via credit/debit cards OR PayPal transfer.

   5 - If your image or idea is something we think may have broader appeal, we may offer to do it at a
        reduced rate in exchange for the rights to offer it to the general public.

Items we are looking for include the following:
  • Military Ships, Aircraft, Landing Craft, Weapons, and Insignia from the US and other countries;
  • Images of historical events or sites
  • National Parks & Landmarks
  • Photos of tall ships
  • Holiday and Seasonal photos/drawings
  • and humorous subjects as well