Contributing Photographers and/or Authors FAQ


1. What does it take to be a contributing photographer or author for existing book series?

A. You must be able to provide images that you personally took or drawings you personally made and be willing to allow them to be used in publications. They need to be in digital format on CD or DVD mailed to us or on rare occasion via E mail.


2. Do I need to be able to write about what I have photographed?

A. Not usually as long as you can shoot a photo of any identifying information about the particular subject such as placards or builders plates/stencils, we can usually get someone who can do the research to write the text.


3. What is in it for me if I do decide to jump in?

A. Each book generates $1 per copy sold royalty. The royalty is shared among the photographers for a particular title so if you shoot all of the photos used in a book you get it all. Also all contributors to a particular title get one free copy of the book for themselves and can purchase additional copies at wholesale using either their accumulate royalties or against future royalties for a reasonable number or for copies at wholesale of other titles that we publish, even if they are not the same type book.


4. What format images are acceptable and what resolutions?

A. Naturally as large a file size as possible up to 50 megs per image.


5. How is the byline order determined?

A. The order of appearance in the byline is all photographers are listed before the person who writes the text/captions. If a photographer also writes all of the captions and text for a particular book only their name appears in the byline. This usually only occurs when the photographer is using vintage photos of their own but can be discussed if there is some special expertise that the photographer brings to the project that exceeds anyone else’s.


6. What if I have an idea for a book or series that are not something you are already producing?

A. We always are willing to listen and examine the possibility for expanding the listing types even into totally new areas that we have not considered before so it is worth asking.


7. What about copyright?

A. We observe all applicable US Copyright laws. In plain English this means that if you are the creator of the image or drawing, you own the copyright to that image/drawing. You are allowing us (BHI Publications) to use the image/drawing as long as we are willing to pay the above royalty. You warrant that you own the copyright either by being the creator or the direct descendant of the creator per US Copyright law. You also agree that you will not use the images in any competing product other than magazine articles.


8. What are my financial obligations as a photographer or author?

A. For existing product lines you are responsible for getting to us all of the material necessary in the way of images or drawings that you may have taken or drawn. For other projects or stand alone books, those are negotiated after we see the project and are done on a case by case basis.


9. When will my book be published?

A. We hold to no set schedule but for titles we expect to sell a large number of copies, we will naturally put those out as fast as possible.

The books printing schedule is prioritized in these ways:

  1. Interest received by e mail or US Mail from individuals or retail outlets.
  2. Titles that have a large number of models that have been produced of the subject (i.e. P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft) or have a significant niche following (i.e. narrow gauge railroad equipment).
  3. Subjects that we personally like (Railroads ca. 1880-present, US & Allied aviation, warships 1789-present, Lighthouses)


10. Why isn’t there more “paperwork” involved?

A. We do these books with our friends. They may be old friends or brand new friends and feel that if there is a time where there is enough of a difference of opinion that the friendship is endangered then the business part ends. This may be a bit unusual of a concept but business can change from day to day but friends should not, but on the rare times that they do, the parting should be with no hard feelings on either side.


11. What subjects will you not publish books on?

A. Aside from the common sense answer that the subject has to be legal in the US, we will usually avoid subjects that require licensing fees such as major league sports and much of the automobile world unless there is an overwhelming need that has not ever been filled. Also we will not knowingly aid anyone intending to do harm to others in commission of crimes or terrorist acts or otherwise.


12. Is there anything else I need to know before getting started?

A. All photographs must be taken either from public property or with the permission of the owner/operators. On occasion we can assist in getting you access but usually it is up to you but being a photographic contributor for a series of books normally gets us a significantly enhanced access package over the normal person.



If we missed any questions you have, please feel free to e mail us:


revised 3-19-2006 all previous versions obsolete and void.